Boleto Bancário

Access more customers in Brazil with this voucher payment method.

What is Boleto Bancário?

The Boleto bancário, or boleto, is a voucher system regulated by Brazilian Federation of Banks (FEBRABAN) that allows consumers to make payments without needing a bank account or credit card.

Who Uses Boleto Bancário?

With only 27% of the Brazilian population holding credit cards and only 70% having bank accounts, being able to accept cash payment methods is essential for merchants.

Boleto is often used by consumers without access to other forms of payment to pay for digital transactions with cash at physical locations such as convenience stores.

How Boleto Bancário Works

To pay a boleto, the consumer first receives a pre-filled boleto form at checkout, the user can print or use a virtual version. They then take it to one of the 40k+ processing locations in Brazil, including convenience stores, banks and post offices, to pay cash, or use the internet or mobile to authorize the payment. Boletos can also be paid electronically at ATMs. The consumer has between 3 and 15 days to complete the purchase by paying the boleto, and the payments are generally confirmed by the bank on the following business day.

User Experience

Pay in cash
Customer downloads and prints the Boleto. They visit a registered shop such as a lottery agent, convenience store, or supermarket, or a bank. Give the Boleto to the cashier.

Pay at a bank
Customer can walk into the local branch to pay.

Pay at an ATM
Customer scans the Boleto barcode or enters the barcode number into the ATM.

Pay online
Customers log into their bank's website or app and enters the Boleto barcode number.

Boleto Bancário Details

Payment Method Category

Bank Redirect, Cash

Payment Request String

PMT = br_boleto_bank
PMT Name = BR Boleto bank
PMT = br_boleto_cash
PMT Name = Brazil Boleto
PMT = br_boletoflash_cash
PMT Name = Brazil Flash Boleto



Presentment Currency

BRL Brazilian Real


Yes, up to 180 days





Transaction Limits:

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Cash code capabilities:

Textual code, Bar code, QR code

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Boleto Bancário

Access more customers in Brazil with this voucher payment method.

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