Client Support

Get help with resources to empower you.

If something is not working as expected, refer to our documentation or open a support ticket.


Our documentation is your first resource for getting answers.

Client Portal Guide

A user guide for financial, operations and customer support users of Rapyd’s Client Portal

Rapyd API Reference Guide

A comprehensive list of all of our available objects, methods, parameters, and webhooks.

Rapyd Mobile SDK Reference

A reference guide for Rapyd's software development kits for the most commonly used API methods in Android and iPhone mobile applications.

Rapyd Support

Need something outside of the scope of the documentation? Use the Rapyd Support system to open requests for assistance.

Creating a Customer Support Ticket

Open a Rapyd Support ticket for technical issues.

Viewing Support Tickets

Follow the progress of your Rapyd Support tickets.

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Client Support

Get help with resources to empower you.

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