Dutch banking payment method.

What is iDEAL?

iDEAL is a Dutch online banking payment method introduced in 2005. It lets online shoppers buy from participating merchants using direct bank transfers, straight from their online accounts.

Who Uses iDEAL?

Any customer of the participating banks in the Netherlands can use iDEAL via their online or mobile banking. Consumers don’t have to sign up to anything to use it, which makes it an easy and popular payment method for online transactions.

How iDEAL Works

To pay using iDEAL, consumers select it as a payment option at checkout, where they choose from the available banks listed to select their own bank. The money is authorized and transferred in real time directly from the payer’s bank account.

User Experience

Step 1 - Customer selects iDEAL method and confirms their bank.
Step 2 - The customer is then redirected to their online banking environment and enters login credentials.
Step 3 - Their bank displays the payment amount.
Step 4 - Customer confirms amount and it is authorized in real time.
Step 5 - Customer is redirected to success URL.

iDEAL Details

Payment Method Category:

Bank Redirect (Bank Transfer)

Payment Request String:




Presentment Currency:




Recurring Payments:

No (use SEPA direct debit for recurring)



Transaction Limits:

Min = .01 EUR
Max = 50,000 EUR

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Dutch banking payment method.

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