A popular ewallet used throughout Indonesia.

What is OVO?

OVO is an ewallet in Indonesia. Customers can download the OVO app on their mobile phone, and add their bank account, debit, or credit card to the ewallet. Purchases can be made with any merchant that accepts the OVO payment method.

Users benefit from OVO by collecting rewards points through purchases made with OVO merchants. The customer can top-up their ewallet through bank transfer, ATM, debit card, or cash-over-the-counter.

User Experience

When a customer wants to make a payment online, they will select OVO ewallet, select Place Your Order, and be redirected to OVO and authorize the payment.

  1. Checkout with OVO ewallet > Select Place Your Order.
  2. Receive a payment request notification.
  1. Redirect to the OVO landing page.

  2. Complete the payment by clicking Pay.

  1. Redirect to the payment confirmation page.
  1. Once the payment is confirmed, the page redirects to the Merchant website.

OVO Details

Payment Method Categoryewallet
Payment Request String PMT = id_ovo_ewallet

PMT Name = OVO eWallet
Presentment CurrencyIDR
Recurring PaymentsN/A
Transaction Limits2,000,000 IDR per transaction

10,000,000 IDR per transaction (registered users)

Maximum holding balance limits apply.
Settlement Timeframe2-3 days
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A popular ewallet used throughout Indonesia.

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