Rapyd Disburse Overview

Pay contractors, workers, suppliers, or any business anywhere in the world. | Enterprise

Make Local and Cross-Border Payouts Using Any Method

Rapyd Disburse is a global payout platform that enables reach into 100+ countries while incorporating a broad set of payout methods such as bank transfers, eWallets, cards, and cash.

Rapyd Disburse also supports both high velocity and high volume transaction types and a variety of payer and beneficiary use cases such as one-to-one and mass-payouts in B2B, B2C, and P2P scenarios.

The platform is available through an API integration as well as Client Portal. Built into the platform are fraud controls, all the necessary compliance framework, and the ability to handle FX.

Popular Use Cases

  • Digital Goods and Marketplaces
  • Payout employees/gig economy workers' salaries.
  • Payout to suppliers (B2B)


Payouts vs. Transfers

Rapyd payouts or disbursements will always mean moving money from a Client Wallet or User Wallet to another 3rd party payment method type. A transfer will always mean moving money between Rapyd Wallet accounts. Looking for info on transfers? Visit Rapyd Wallets.

Funding Your Client Wallet

Your funds stored in a Client Wallet

Payout Methods

Explore different methods to send payouts.

Mass Payouts

Rapyd offers multiple options to create payouts.

Disburse Features

Use disburse features for your business process flows.

Canceling a Payout

Stop a payout to a beneficiary before it's completed.

Service Providers

Create payouts to service provider/utility companies.


Next Steps:

Learn more about Supported Payout Methods

See Getting Started to sign up for your Client Portal account.

Rapyd Disburse FAQs

What is Rapyd Disburse?

Rapyd Disburse is a cloud-based platform that businesses can use to pay contractors, workers, suppliers or any business anywhere in the world.

Why use Rapyd Disburse over other solutions?

Reach - Unlike most disbursement solutions, Rapyd Disburse can complete payouts to over 100 countries, more than 65 currencies, and can disburse funds using wallets, cards, bank transfers, or cash.
Speed - Rapyd Disburse supports simple to complex use cases. Using the Rapid Client Portal, businesses can upload CSV files and start disbursing funds immediately. Or, they can use our API and add disbursement features into their existing treasury systems.
Technology - Building from our Fintech as a Service approach, businesses can integrate built-in capabilities like our validation engine, beneficiary tokenization, recurring payouts, and more.

How do I know if my business is a good candidate for Rapyd Disburse?

If your business employs or hires short or long-term contractors, employs people outside the country your business operates in or if your business has a need for remittances and sends funds to vendors, businesses, or workers in multiple countries on a regular basis.

Rapyd Disburse is a great fit if your business needs to send money to businesses or people in any region anywhere in the world.

How can my business use Rapyd Disburse?

There are three primary ways that the disbursement product can be used:

​- Using a simple user interface (Rapyd Client Portal) to import a CSV file.
- Export an XML file using the ISO 20022 messaging format to Rapyd SFTP.
- Use the Rapyd Disburse API to integrate disburse features into an existing app.

Which option is best for my business?

Rapyd Disburse is designed for businesses of any size.

If you need to start disbursing funds immediately, you can use the Rapyd Client Portal, easily upload a CSV with the required beneficiary information and start disbursing funds to anyone, anywhere in the world.

If your company has a developer on staff, they can use our API and integrate our disbursement features into your existing application or treasury system.

The XML file import is our third option. Your business can create an XML file using the ISO 20022 messaging format and then send it to a secure directory where Rapyd imports and processes the file at a predetermined time.

Does Rapyd Disburse have recurring payouts?

Yes, our platform can support recurring payouts. This is a great feature to use if you need to send payments to vendors or contractors on a regular basis.

Can I transfer funds from one currency to another currency?

Absolutely. Rapyd Disburse has foreign exchange built-in. You can either choose to approve the currency rate before disbursing funds, or, you can set it up so that the amount is sent regardless of the currency rate.

What is the difference between a payout and a disbursement?

Semantics. Both are referring to transferring funds from one party to multiple parties.

What is a beneficiary?

Beneficiaries are the receivers at the other end of the payout or disbursement. For example, Uber disburses funds to thousands of individual beneficiaries.

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Rapyd Disburse Overview

Pay contractors, workers, suppliers, or any business anywhere in the world. | Enterprise

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