Rapyd Disburse Payout Methods

Explore different payout methods. | Enterprise

Offer More Payout Methods with Rapyd Disburse

Global enterprises must offer payout convenience, options, and flexibility to increase loyalty and meet the demands of your cross-border sellers, suppliers, and workers. Global beneficiaries want to be paid with local funds they can use immediately and not have to go through several steps to convert the payout into usable funds. By providing your beneficiary payout options you effectively:

  • Provide improved experience with options and convenience increasing loyalty
  • Create redundancy for your payouts on your platform
  • Provide an alternative on the arrival of funds.

Explore each payout method use case to learn how you can improve your seller, worker, or supplier experience:

Disburse to an international bank account

A gig platform makes a payout from their client wallet directly into a worker’s bank account.

ACH Payout

Make bank transfers to a US bank account

Disburse to a card

A marketplace that connects consumers to home service professionals makes a payout to a professional's card account.

Disburse to a local eWallet

A platform transfers funds to a local ewallet account.

Disburse to cash over-the-counter

A platform pays a worker and enables the worker to pick up the cash at a nearby cash OTC location.

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Rapyd Disburse Payout Methods

Explore different payout methods. | Enterprise

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