Mass Payouts Overview

Create Multiple payouts to multiple workers, or businesses in one operation. | Enterprise

A Mass Payout is a batch payout. In a single operation you can create multiple payouts to individuals or businesses. Mass Payouts can be created either using a CSV file in Rapyd format upload with the Client Portal or by utilizing an XML script in ISO 20022 format sent to a secure Rapyd SFTP file for processing.

Popular use cases for mass payouts include:

  • Paying gig-workers
  • Batch pension transfers
  • Batch insurance claim payouts

Getting Started With Payouts:

You can create a mass payout with a CSV file upload or with an XML file transfer. You must have Administrator privileges to manage mass payouts.


Mass Payouts Sent via Client Portal

Mass Payouts is used directly out of the Client Portal. The Rapyd API offers single payouts.

Mass Payouts

  • CSV Upload - The fastest way to start disbursing funds is by using the Rapyd Client Portal. Clients can upload a CSV file and send payouts to multiple users all at once. Learn more about Mass Payouts

  • XML Export - Export an XML file using the ISO20022 messaging format to a Rapyd SFTP.

Single Payout

  • API Single Payout - Dive in and start using our API to build your own disbursement or remittance program. Integrate Rapyd’s payout features into your payables, ERP, or other software application.

Option 1: Create a Mass Payout With a CSV File Upload in Four Steps:

  1. In the Client Portal, download a sample CSV file. for each combination of country, payout type and entity type that you need. Each CSV file specifies the data for each payout type.
  2. Create your mass payout file based on the CSV sample file.
  3. Upload the files to the Client Portal for a single mass payout. For multiple files, the Client Portal creates a batch file.


CSV File Upload Limits for Mass Payouts

  • The maximum number of files is 10.
  • The size of all the files added together cannot exceed 20 MB.
  • In the sandbox, the maximum number of records in a file is 10.
  • In case few input files are placed at the SFTP together, each will be processed separately.
  • For a single input file, four output files will be generated (file validation result, file content validation result, sync processing result, a-sync processing result).
  1. When the payouts are all processed, Rapyd prepares a report of the entire mass payout operation and sends you a notification by email. In the Client Portal, you can download your detailed report of the payout results. Learn more about Reports in Client Portal.

Option 2: Create a Mass Payout With an XML File SFTP Transfer in 4 steps:

  1. Contact Rapyd Customer Support for the SFTP connectivity enabled and to receive a sample file.
  2. Create your mass payout file based on the XML sample file provided.
  3. Place the XML file to the SFTP folder enabled, to be processed by Rapyd.
  4. The output files will be received in the SFTP folder containing the processing result.

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Mass Payouts Overview

Create Multiple payouts to multiple workers, or businesses in one operation. | Enterprise

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