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Activating Google Pay

Activate Google Pay using the Rapyd Client Portal.

You can accept Google Pay from your customers with any Google Pay enabled payment methods.

Note: Google Pay is currently available with the following requirements:

  • Clients who are domiciled in Europe can collect payments worldwide using Google Pay.
  • Customers must be logged into their Google account in their browser to make the payment.


Before Activating Google Pay

Make sure Google Pay is available for your payment methods in your region. You can reach out to your Rapyd Relationship Manager.

What do I need to Activate Google Pay?

HostedPluginsToolkitAPI Payments
Toggle on Google Pay in Client Portal:heavy-check-mark::heavy-check-mark::heavy-check-mark::heavy-check-mark:
Register with GoogleN/AN/AN/A:heavy-check-mark:
Initialize Full Integration with GoogleN/AN/AN/A:heavy-check-mark:

How to Activate Google Pay

Complete the following steps to activate Google Pay.

  1. Sign in as described in Signing in to the Client Portal.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Payment Methods > Digital Wallets.

    The Digital Wallets section appears.

  1. Under Google Pay, toggle on the on/off switch.
  2. You will be able to enable or disable Google Pay collections using the Google Pay on/off switch.


Activating Google Pay Before Submitting KYB

If you have an enabled payment method that works with Google Pay, once you submit your KYB form, you will automatically be registered with Google and the Google Pay option will be enabled by default.

Updated 2 months ago

Activating Google Pay

Activate Google Pay using the Rapyd Client Portal.

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