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Creating a Payment Link

Create a Payment using the Client Portal that is reusable.

You can create a reusable link to customers to accept their payment again and again.

This procedure requires Owner or Administrator privileges.

How to Create a Payment Link

  1. Sign in as described in Accessing the Client Portal and navigate to Collect > Payment Links.

  2. Select Create Payment Link in the top right.


The Create Payment Link dialog box appears.

  1. Select the Payment Methods > Next.

  2. Select the Country and Set Amount or Open Amount.

  3. If Set Amount, input the fixed amount, and currency.
    Select the checkbox to Allow your recipients to modify your chosen amount.

  4. If Open Amount, you only need to select the currency.

  5. Select the Paid to field to choose the destination wallet of the payment.

  6. Complete the rest of the Optional Fields in the Create Payment Link form > Select Create.

  • Reference ID - Unique ID of the payment link by the merchant.
  • Expiration Date - date the payment link expires.
  • Complete URL - URL where the customer is redirected for final steps in completing the operation. Provided by the client.
  • Cancel URL - URL where the customer is redirected after pressing Back to Website to exit the hosted page. This URL overrides the merchant_website URL.
  • Language - Language of the Payment Link page.

The Payment Link Created dialog box appears.

  1. Copy the URL and paste it into a new browser url field.

The Payment Links page appears.

Viewing Payment Links

You can also view payment links you’ve created by searching by Amount, selecting a custom date range, customizing columns or filtering the table as shown in Creating and Saving Table Filters.


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Creating a Payment Link

Create a Payment using the Client Portal that is reusable.

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