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Creating a Refund

You can create a refund when the status of the payment is closed.

How to Create a Refund

  1. Sign in as described in Accessing the Client Portal and navigate to Collect > Payments.

    The Payments page appears.

  1. Hover over the row that contains the payment you want to refund and then click anywhere on the row.

    The following panel appears:

For a description of the information displayed, see Listing Payments.

  1. Click Create Refund.

    The Create Refund window appears.

  1. Define the following parameters:
  • Refund - Select Full Refund or Partial Refund. If you select partial refund, indicate the amount to refund.
  • Compensation - If you need to return more money than just the partial or full refunded amount, check the checkbox and enter the additional amount.
  • Reason - Select one of the following values: Duplicate, Fraudulent, Requested by customer or Other. This field is required.
  • Merchant Reference ID - Reference ID defined by the merchant.
  • Metadata - User-defined fields and their values, as part of a JSON object in the API request. Insert the name of the field and its value as a string. To add more fields in the metadata, click Add.
  • Receipt Number - Number of the receipt associated with the transaction, provided by the merchant.
  1. Click Complete Refund.
    The following popup appears:
  1. Click Close.
  • Note: The Payment ID will now appear in Collect > Refunds with a Refund ID. Refer to Listing Refunds for more details.

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Creating a Refund

You can create a refund when the status of the payment is closed.

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