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Customizing Your Hosted Page

Set the look and feel of your page to match your brand.

You can customize your hosted page, and set the look and feel that will apply to all applicable Rapyd platform Hosted pages.


How to Customize Your Hosted Page

  1. Sign into Client Portal and navigate to Settings > Branding.


Select Your Hosted Page to View

The drop down will be selected as Hosted Checkout. You can views between the Hosted Checkout, Save Card Details Page, and Beneficiary Account Details page. Branding settings affects all hosted pages including Rapyd Collect, Disburse, and Issuing.

  1. Tap the icon Add logo iconAdd logo icon and upload an image file (png, jpg, jpeg, gif) containing your company logo.

  2. Tap Color to select the color of the buttons on the display.

  1. In the Fallback URL field, enter the URL of the page that appears when the process is completed or canceled when complete_checkout_url or cancel_checkout_url is not specified.


Complete and Cancel URLs

Other Hosted pages may have different fields such as complete_url and cancel_url

  • Beneficiary Tokenization Page
  • Rapyd Verify Hosted Page
  • Hosted IDV Page
  • Hosted Page Card Token Object
  1. Remove any Payment Methods you will not accept (Hosted Checkout only).
  • Bank Redirect
  • Bank Transfer
  • Card
  • Cash
  • eWallet
  1. Choose your call to action (CTA) main text (Hosted Checkout only).

Customer Support Details

  1. You can add your customer support contact information (optional) to be displayed on your hosted pages.
  1. Tap Save

Preview Your Hosted Page

  1. On the Branding page, switch between the mobile icon or desktop icon to view the preview of your hosted page.

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Customizing Your Hosted Page

Set the look and feel of your page to match your brand.

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