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Downloading a Mass Invoice Report

You can download a report of a mass invoice operation. A report covers one batch operation.

This procedure requires Owner, Administrator, or Editor privileges.

How to Download a Mass Invoice Report

  1. Navigate to Collect > Mass Invoices as described in Listing Mass Invoice Reports.
    Click the three dots in a row of the desired report report and click the download icon.

The file is downloaded to the Downloads folder on your local computer.

Status,Paycode,Redirect URL,Error Code,Action ID,Created At,amount,currency,country,payment_method.type,error_payment_url,complete_payment_url,description,customer,merchant_reference_id,expiration
Success,N/A,N/A,N/A,payment_1cc62b220a464388c478e99ce1ce8316,2020-08-06 09:20:38,11,USD,US,us_psc_cash,,,ebook 2342342,N/A,32423402340,N/A
Success,N/A,N/A,N/A,payment_ac28ec13a91b7a1195b22f4ccab7021a,2020-08-06 09:20:38,12,USD,US,us_psc_cash,,,ebook wf23423,N/A,101-130-132,N/A
Success,N/A,N/A,N/A,payment_a365ec88c94ecaffb5f3a2d3b08b16c3,2020-08-06 09:20:38,10,USD,US,us_psc_cash,,,ebook 2342424,N/A,607060,N/A

Report Format

Line 1 contains a list of headers. Each header is a column heading in the mass invoice report. For a description of standard headers, see Previewing a Mass Invoice Report.

All subsequent lines contain the invoice data, one invoice record per line.

To view the report, open the file in a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Google Sheets:

Sample Mass Invoice Report viewed in Google Sheets

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Downloading a Mass Invoice Report

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