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Merchant Reconciliation Report


Notice - New Version is Coming Up!

The next version of the Merchant Reconciliation Report (Version 1.6) will be released on February 28th, 2021.

During the period between February 28th and May 15th, 2021 both the current and new beta version (1.6) will be published simultaneously, providing the necessary time to learn and adapt existing processes and systems.

You can find the beta report's specifications here.

Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions and/or feedback on the new report.

The Merchant Reconciliation Report lists all of the transactions for the merchant that were processed and closed the previous calendar day, from midnight to midnight GMT.

Reports are generated every day at 2:00 AM GMT.

You can download the Merchant Reconciliation Report. See Downloading a Financial Report.

The report is provided in the form of a CSV file. To read it, open it in a spreadsheet.

File Version

Current file format version is 1.5

Reporting Frequency

Depending on the merchant activity, the report is generated on a daily basis at 2:00 AM GMT.
A consolidated monthly report is also generated, summarizing all transactions closed throughout the previous calendar month.
The monthly report is generated at 2:00AM GMT, on the 3rd of each month, covering the activity done in the previous calendar month.

File Format

Header Format

Line 1 of the CSV file contains the following information:



Report Title

Rapyd Merchant Reconciliation Report


Report version number


Alias of the merchant


the string "From"

Start date

Period start date


the string "To"

End date

Period end date

Data Format

Line 2 contains a list of headers, and all subsequent lines contain the transactions, one transaction per line.



Transaction Type

Type of transaction. One of the following:
payment - A transaction created by Create Payment
refund - A transaction created by Create Refund
payment_reversal - a payment reversal performed by Rapyd’s finance operations team
issued_bank_account - indicates funds received in the merchant’s issued virtual account
chargeback - A chargeback received from the card scheme
disbursement - A transaction created by Create Payout
issued_card_transaction - A transaction authorized by Rapyd for a Rapyd issued card
idv - A request created by Verify Identity

Rapyd Transaction ID

ID of the transaction on the Rapyd platform.

Merchant Reference ID

Reference ID provided by the merchant (where a merchant initiates the transaction)

Transaction Method Type

Name of the specific processing method used for the transaction.


for payments, issue bank account transactions, refunds - the country where the funds were originally collected from

for disbursements - the country of the beneficiary

Gross Currency

The currency of the transaction before any conversion. Three-letter ISO 4217 code.

Gross Debit

The amount paid to the buyer, in units specified in 'Gross Currency', including fees. Relevant to refunds and disbursements.

Gross Credit

The amount paid to the merchant, in units specified in 'Gross Currency', including fees. Relevant to payment.

Exchange Rate

The currency exchange rate at the time of reconciliation. When the gross currency and the net currency are the same, this value is 1.

Fee Currency

The currency for the client to pay Rapyd's fees. Three-letter ISO 4217 code.

Total Fee

The fee paid to Rapyd for the transaction, in units specified in 'Fee Currency', including the following amounts:

  • MDR
  • Fixed fee
  • FX markup

Total Fee in Gross Currency

The gross currency equivalent of the amount of fees for this transaction.

Settlement Currency

The currency of the of the transaction, as settled with the merchant. Three-letter ISO 4217 code.

Settlement Amount

The amount paid to be applied to the merchant’s next settlement cycle. Always a positive value. May be deducted or added to the Net Credit based on the transaction type (e.g. payment will appear in the net credit, but payout will not).

Settlement Amount in Gross Currency

The settlement amount denominated in the Gross Currency

Net Credit

The amount paid to the merchant, in units specified in 'Settlement Currency', including fees. Relevant to payments.

Net Credit in Gross Currency

The gross currency equivalent of the amount settled with the merchant. Relevant to payments.

  • Net Credit = (Gross Credit * Exchange Rate) - Fee

Settlement Date

The date the payment is settled. Format: YYYY-MM-DD.

Created At

The date and time the payment is created. Format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.

Closed at

The date and time the transaction is closed. Format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss

Rapyd Master Txn ID

The ID of the master transaction. Relevant to group payments.

Account ID

Alias of the merchant's account on the Rapyd platform.

Account Number

The merchant's account number at the merchant's bank.


The name of the merchant's bank.

Settlement Wallet

ID of the client wallet that receives the funds collected. Settlement funds transferred to the merchant's bank come from this wallet. Relevant to payments.

Billing Wallet

ID of the client wallet from which Rapyd's fees are paid.

Invoice ID

ID of Rapyd's invoice to the client for fees.

Sell Currency

The currency being sold as part of a quoted rate, using the Payment/Payout with FX API

Sell Amount

The amount sold by Rapyd in the ‘Sell Currency'

Transaction Exchange Fee

The exchange fee charge for selling the Sell Currency

Rapyd Reference ID

The transaction token

Example Report File

Merchant Reconciliation Report,v1.5,RAPYD TEST,From,10/11/2020,To,11/11/2020,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Transaction Type,Rapyd Transaction ID,Merchant Reference ID,Transaction Method Type,Country,Gross Currency,Gross Debit,Gross Credit,Exchange Rate,Fee Currency,Total Fee,Total Fee in Gross Currency,Settlement Currency,Settlement Amount,Settlement Amount in Gross Currency,Net Credit,Net Credit in Gross Currency,Settlement Date,Created At,Closed At,Rapyd Master Txn ID,Account ID,Account Number,Bank,Settlement Wallet,Billing Wallet,Invoice ID,Sell Currency,Sell Amount,Transaction Exchange Fee,Rapyd Reference ID
payment,86ed05cc-94bd-403a-b4de-d8b06abc6134,20096902,th_thaipromptpayqr_bank,TH,THB,0,7849,0.03298106,SGD,1.66,55.33,USD,257.21,7798.72,257.21,7798.72,17/11/2020,10/11/2020 10:06,10/11/2020 10:12,,default,260748000000,HSBC BANK SINGAPORE,ewallet_47460be5429cce4dc058fc8c90c26083,ewallet_47460be5429cce4dc058fc8c90c26083,82d80639a3cb9c8fb96e4f28b3b36e0d,N/A,N/A,N/A,payment_8de6484c9fb505caa2b126ab057ee096
payment_reversal,0bd381bf-e00d-4244-95f6-0684f147ac02,3ad94eecb4e88d08713cfd980f97c2e2,us_ach_bank,US,USD,1237.48,0,1,USD,0,,USD,1237.48,1237.48,0,0,29/10/2020,21/10/2020 19:48,26/10/2020 8:05,,default,999888777,Barclays,ewallet_6dea4368114f137e6df2291830a827ca,ewallet_6dea4368114f137e6df2291830a827ca,96372e5f3b5a4253881ec8904dcbe2ea,N/A,N/A,N/A,payment_3ad94eecb4e88d08713cfd980f97c2e2
idv,61e34e5d-1bba-40c6-b45e-66f21589ea5f,19bc8cfd867247c3891d905177d0600c,,,,,,,AUD,1.75,,AUD,,,,,09/09/2020,08/09/2020 22:35,08/09/2020 22:35,,default,22334455,NAB,ewallet_ab0effb466c487559c0c857150e3babe,ewallet_ab0effb466c487559c0c857150e3babe,20ae640d1886c09e0abcb3f43597e328,N/A,N/A,N/A,
refund,127o9f2a-f6eb-4570-a7a7-e0677c36270b,1234567890,gb_visa_card,GB,USD,823.94,0,1,USD,0,0,USD,823.94,823.94,0,0,29/11/2020,24/11/2020 4:55,24/11/2020 4:55,,default,159638,HSBC BANK UK,ewallet_a9ab12d65ed16543b51c804803298bf9,ewallet_a9be69d65ed13257b51c804803298bf9,0f640fe6b5347bd8c45ddfd872810459,N/A,N/A,N/A,refund_605fad221dd9e8c327312a144bb817a2
disbursement,f6678141-c495-4bea-a6ae-b01e89296985,12223334445,mx_banamex_bank,MX,MXN,10047.62,0,0.049931,USD,478.22,9577.72,USD,,,0,0,25/11/2020,24/11/2020 4:55,24/11/2020 4:55,,default,N/A,N/A,,ewallet_98c5e657e99y80160541b02c9ebe67f3,8eeceg2dad75e52191e911e852e00d08,N/A,N/A,N/A,payout_98095b03327fb34a3bb36a329a251b9f

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Merchant Reconciliation Report

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