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Merchant Settlement Report

The Merchant Settlement Report summarizes all settlements performed to the merchant during the period for which the report applies to.
The report is generated only when settlement events occur.

You can download the Merchant Settlement Report. See Downloading a Financial Report.

The report is provided in the form of a CSV file. To read it, open it in a spreadsheet.

File Version

Current file format version is 1.3

Reporting Frequency

Depending on the merchant activity, the report is generated on a daily basis at 2:00 AM GMT.

File Format

Header Format

Line 1 of the CSV file contains the following information:



Report Title

Rapyd Merchant Settlement Report


Report version number


Alias of the merchant


the string "From"

Start date

Period start date


the string "To"

End date

Period end date

Data Format

  • Headers - Described in the following table.
  • Collections - Transactions created by Create Payment or Create Refund. If the merchant has two or more accounts for collections, each account appears on a separate line.
  • Disbursements - Transactions created by Create Payout.



Account ID

Alias of the merchant's account on the Rapyd platform.

Account Number

The merchant's account number at the merchant's bank. Relevant to collections.


The name of the merchant's bank where the settlement is managed. Relevant to collections.

eWallet ID

Collections - The wallet the funds are collected to and settled from.
Disbursements - The wallet the fees are collected from. Relevant when fees are collected from a wallet and not invoiced.


Type of transaction. One of the following:
Collection - Payments and refunds.
Disbursement - Payouts.

Settlement Date

The date the payments are settled. Format: YYYY-MM-DD. Relevant to collections.

Settlement Currency

The currency of the transactions, as settled with the merchant. Three-letter ISO 4217 code. Relevant to collections.

Fee Currency

The currency for the client to pay Rapyd's fees. Three-letter ISO 4217 code.

Settlement Amount

The total amount settled with the merchant for all transactions that settled on the settlement date, minus the amount of negative settlements from previous days.
Collection: Settlement = Net Credit - Net Debit - Prev Negative Settlement
Disbursement: Settlement = (-1 * Debit Fee)

Settlement eWallet Account Currency

Collections - The currency of the funds collected.
Disbursements - The currency of the funds received by the beneficiary.

Three-letter ISO 4217 code.

Settlement Amount in eWallet Account Currency

The client wallet currency equivalent of the amount settled with the merchant.

Prev Negative Settlement

The total amount that the merchant owes to Rapyd from previous days. Relevant when there is a past negative remittance.

Gross Debit

Indicates the aggregate debit.

Collection - Gross amount of all refunds, including fees.
Disbursement - Amount of all payouts, excluding fees.

Debit Fee

Sum of all fees paid to Rapyd for debit transactions (refund or payout).

Net Debit

Payment: Net Debit = Gross Debit
Disbursement: Net Debit = 0

Gross Credit

The amount paid to the merchant (payments), including fees. Relevant to collections.

Credit Fee

Sum of all fees paid to Rapyd for credit transactions (payments). Relevant to collections.

Net Credit

Net Credit = Gross Credit - Credit Fee
Relevant to collections (payments).

Example Report File

Rapyd Merchant Settlement Report,v1.3,21/04/2020 6:05,MERCHANT_NAME,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Account ID,Account Number,Bank,eWallet ID,Type,Settlement Date,Settlement Currency,Fee Currency,Settlement Amount,Settlement eWallet Account Currency,Settlement Amount in eWallet Account Currency,Prev Negative Settlement,Gross Debit,Debit Fee,Net Debit,Gross Credit,Credit Fee,Net Credit
US Dollar Account,123-456789-123,Barclays,ewallet_9b102808ff77880d212e11eaa06754ec,Collection,21/04/2020,USD,USD,20,AUD,30.56,0,0,0,0,21.2,1.2,20
EUR Account,123-123455-123,HSBC,ewallet_9b102808ff77880d212e11eaa06754ec,Collection,21/04/2020,EUR,EUR,289.1,MYR,1293.46,1,10,1,10,315.12,15.11,300.1

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Merchant Settlement Report

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