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Previewing Wallet Details

You can preview selected details of a specific wallet and its cards.

To view details of a wallet, including transactions and contacts, see Viewing Details of a Wallet.

How to Preview Wallet Details

  1. Sign in as described in Accessing the Client Portal and tap Wallets.

    The Accounts page appears.

  2. Tap the row of the Wallet ID for the wallet you want.

The Wallet tab of the Preview panel appears.

Wallet Tab

The following table describes the fields of the Wallet Details section of the Wallet tab:

NameName of the wallet owner.
Phone NumberThe phone number of the wallet owner.
Reference IDThe merchant-defined reference ID number of the wallet. You can add or modify the ID by clicking on the pencil icon.
StatusThe status of the wallet: active or inactive.
TypeThe wallet type: personal or company.

Tap on the See all details link to view all the wallet details. See also Viewing Details of a Wallet.

The Balances section displays the currency account balances of the wallet.

The Transactions section displays the transactions of wallet.

Tap the Deactivate button to deactivate the wallet. See also Deactivating a Wallet.

Tap the Transfer Funds button to transfer funds to another wallet.

Cards Tab

  1. Tap Cards to view all cards of the wallet.
  1. Tap on a specific card to block it, unblock it or reset its PIN.

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Previewing Wallet Details

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