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Rapyd Protect Overview

Fraud management designed for cards and local payment methods

Rapyd Protect uses AI modeling, unique data sources, and our proprietary rules engine to identify high-risk transactions across bank transfers, cards, and ewallets. Rapyd Protect requires no additional coding or integration and is already built into our platforms and network. It is a free service available to all of our clients.

Rapyd Protect Product Features

Machine Learning - Benefit from Rapyd’s best in class models informed by unique data sets fine tuned to identify new fraud trends and keep your business safe.

Rule Building Engine - User friendly drag and drop rule builder for additional protection from fraudulent transactions. Users can create rules based on IP addresses, card types, countries, activate 3D Secure, and more.

Manual Reviews - Set up manual reviews for high risk transactions such as large purchases, specific countries, or for special orders.

Velocity Engine - Prevent fraudulent transactions by monitoring purchase frequency and usage patterns for numerous payment methods.

Lists - Access Rapyd’s rich data set listing known fraudsters, dubious ip addresses, blocked countries, high risk bin numbers and ranges.

Reports - Create comprehensive transaction reports, plus access an extensive management system for alerts, rules and reviews.

Getting Started

Log into the Rapyd Client Portal and locate Rapyd Protect on the left hand menu. From here you will see a robust rules engine, lists, rules library, blocked transactions and transactions that have been flagged for review.

Next Steps

Understanding the ruling hierarchy within Rapyd Protect Fraud Rules.
Creating a Fraud Rule.

Updated 23 days ago

Rapyd Protect Overview

Fraud management designed for cards and local payment methods

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