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Uploading a Mass Invoice File

Upload your mass invoice file to the Client Portal.

This is the third and last step in Creating Mass Invoices.

This procedure requires Owner or Administrator privileges.



Completion of Creating a Mass Invoice File.

How to Upload a Mass Invoice File

  1. Sign in as described in Accessing the Client Portal and navigate to Collect > Mass Invoices.

    The Mass Invoices page appears.

  2. Select Create Mass Invoice

    The Create Mass Invoice dialogue box appears.

  1. Upload your edited file as follows:

    a. Select the CSV file to upload. You can drag it to the screen or browse for it in your file system.
    b. Choose the payment type from the Select payment type list.

    • Payment - Each payer is issued a numeric paycode, payable at Rapyd POS locations.
    • Checkout - Each payer is assigned a unique URL that opens a Rapyd Checkout page with detailed payment instructions.
  1. Press Start upload.

    The Finish page updates you when the upload is complete.

Rapyd processes your batch request for invoices, which might take a few minutes. When the batch process completes, Rapyd creates an invoice report and sends an email to the person who uploaded the mass invoice file. The email contains a link to the invoice report. See Previewing a Mass Invoice Report.

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Uploading a Mass Invoice File

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