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Viewing Client Wallet Balances

You can view the balances of your client wallets.

This procedure requires Owner, Administrator, or Editor privileges.

How to View Your Client Wallet Balance

  1. Sign in as described in Accessing the Client Portal and navigate to My Account > Balance.

    The Balance page appears.


The page shows each account for every client wallet. You view your different balances of different currencies, wallet transactions and your transactions to and from Rapyd.


In the balances section you can view the total balance of each currency including the following types of balances:

  • Available Balance: available funds for you to use.
  • Received Balance: total amount that has been collected but has not yet available.
  • Pending Balance: allows you to set money aside and release funds at a later date.
  • Reserve Balance: required balance to cover chargebacks, returns, and other items.

Wallet Transaction

The wallet transaction section shows a quick view of all the funds collected into your client wallet and the fees sent to Rapyd.

Transactions to and From Rapyd

The transactions to and from Rapyd section shows your settlements to your bank account and the funding requests from your bank accounts into your client wallet.

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Viewing Client Wallet Balances

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