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Viewing Transactions of a Wallet

You can view transactions of a specific wallet.

How to View Transactions of a Wallet

  1. Sign in as described in Accessing the Client Portal.
  2. Do one of the following:
  • Navigate to Wallets > Accounts, then click the Wallet ID of the wallet you want.
  • Navigate to Wallets > Transactions, then click the Wallet ID of any transaction of the wallet you want.
    The Details page appears for the wallet you selected.
  1. Tap the Transactions tab to see a list of all transactions for this wallet.

    The Transactions page appears.

The following table describes the fields of the Transactions tab:

AmountThe amount of the transaction.
Card NumberThe number of the card used for the transaction.
Created AtThe time that the transaction was created.
CurrencyThe currency of the transaction. Three-letter ISO 4217 code.
DirectionThe direction of flow of the funds into or out of the wallet account.
StatusStatus of the transaction. One of the following:
Active - The transaction is active and awaiting completion.
Canceled - The transaction was canceled.
Closed - The transaction is complete.
Completed - The recipient received the transaction funds.
Created - The transaction was created successfully.
Error - The transaction was not created.
EXP - The transaction has expired.
Rejected - The transaction was rejected.
* Updated - The transaction was updated.
Transaction IDThe ID of the transaction. 32-digit UUID.
TypeThe type of the transaction.

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Viewing Transactions of a Wallet

You can view transactions of a specific wallet.

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