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Rapyd enables merchants to issue wallets to consumers and businesses and to manage the flow of money into and out of the wallets. A wallet has the following capabilities:

  • Storing funds collected from outside sources.
  • Managing accounts in multiple currencies.
  • Converting currency.
  • Sending money to and receiving money from other wallets.
  • Sending money to bank accounts.
  • Making payments for goods and services.

You can create personal wallets and company wallets for your customers. For a client wallet, you must contact Rapyd Customer Support.

The following pages describe functionality in the Wallets branch:


Listing Wallets

View a list of all your Rapyd wallet accounts.

Preview Wallet Details

Preview details of a specific wallet account and its cards.

Download a Wallet Accounts Report

Download a report of all currency accounts in your wallets.

Transferring Wallet Funds

Transfer funds from a wallet account to another wallet account.

Deactivating a Wallet

Change the status of a wallet account to disabled.


Viewing Ledger of Wallet Transactions

View a ledger of transactions involving all your Rapyd Wallets.

Viewing Transactions of a Wallet

View transaction details of a specific wallet.

IDV Checks

Listing IDV Checks

View a list of all identity verification checks that your company has performed.

Downloading an IDV Check Report

Download a report of IDV checks.


Listing Contacts

View a list of all your contacts.

Viewing Contacts of a Wallet

View contacts of a specific wallet.

Viewing Contact Details

View details of a wallet contact.

Linking a Card to a Contact

Issue a card to a wallet contact.

Viewing Cards of a Contact

View cards of a wallet contact.

Downloading a Report of Contacts

Download a report of contacts.

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