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Rapyd Developer Documentation

The Rapyd Global Payments Network is a fintech-as-a-service platform that enables you to integrate your business with local financial services around the globe. Your applications can easily connect buyers and sellers and facilitate their transactions. Payments can be collected not only from cards, but also cash, bank transfers, eWallets and more. There are even comprehensive solutions for businesses that do not have Payment Card Industry (PCI) security clearance.

Rapyd Documentation

To help you build your business, Rapyd provides the following documentation:


  • Rapyd Developer Guide - Contains use cases that illustrate how to use Rapyd's solutions in real-world scenarios. Each use case is presented with working examples.

  • Rapyd Checkout Guide - Describes Rapyd's Checkout solution, which enables clients that are not PCI-compliant to accept cards.

  • Client Portal Guide - A pictorial guide to using Rapyd's online GUI tools. You can monitor and manage transactions and produce business and financial reports.

To access the guides, select DOCS at the top left of your browser window.


  • Rapyd API Reference Guide - A comprehensive listing of all the methods in the Rapyd Payments API and Point-of-Sale API. Each method is presented with working examples.

  • Rapyd Mobile SDK Reference - Rapyd has provided software development kits for the API methods that are most commonly used in mobile applications for Android and iPhone. Examples are provided in several languages.

To access the references, select REF at the top left of your browser window.


For Rapyd documentation, Google Chrome provides best results. To ensure access to the most up-to-date content, periodically clear the cache and cookies of your Web browser.

For more information, contact Rapyd Customer Support.

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Rapyd Developer Documentation

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