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January 2021

Collect Updates

Card input fields (e.g., card exp. date, CVV, etc.) have been reordered for a more intuitive user experience.

UI improvements have been made for the cart items feature and the mobile flow to include the item details (e.g., item name, amount, quantity) from the shopping cart to be displayed on the checkout page.

Clients who implement the Checkout Toolkit on their website (iframe) and allow their users to change the language (e.g., a language picker on the page) can now ensure that the language of the checkout payment fields within the iframe is updated accordingly in real-time.

The Save Card Details Page allows merchants to redirect users to custom URLs when exiting the page before completion and after tokenizing a card.

When a Hosted Page is generated with an unsupported language in the request, the default language of the user’s browser is now being used, or will default to English.

Wallet Updates

The Hosted IDV (Identify Verification) Page is now available in all our supported languages, including Spanish, Icelandic, German, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, Tagalog, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Refer to Checkout Toolkit Translations for a full list of languages.

Foreign Exchange

The Currency Object has been updated to include the ISO-4217 numeric code standards (numeric_code) and the number of digits after the decimal point. See List Currencies.