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January 2022

Client Portal Updates, Rapyd Verify, Toolkit Styling
Client Portal Updates

The Client Portal has been redesigned to reflect an improved customer experience, a more modern look, and faster performance. Refer to the Client Portal or Client Portal Guide for more information.

Collect Updates

The Card to Card Payment has been updated to add the ability to reuse destination cards and transfer funds to saved cards. Rapyd’s Card to Card Payment method moves funds from one cardholder to another. For more information, refer to Card to Card Payments or Card to Card object.

You can now style the frame and content of the Save Card Details Page with CSS properties when embedding the page within your website or app (toolkit integration). Refer to Save Card Details Using Checkout Toolkit Method and Checkout Toolkit CSS Properties.

Wallet Updates

Rapyd Verify is now available to clients domiciled in the UK to gather business details for KYB (Know Your Business) verification.