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January 2023

Rapyd Business Account, Reports, Subscription Plan Examples
Client Portal Updates

The Rapyd Business Account (RBA) Guides are now available under the Client Portal Guide to help walkthrough onboarding and account maintenance. The RBA is available to clients in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Follow the changelog updates here as more countries become available.


The Interchange Plus Pricing Report now includes interchange and scheme fees (calculated from the prediction) in addition to Card information like debit/credit, transaction regionality and platform type. This addition will help clients match any reported fees to the transactions and reconcile.

Collect Updates

Updated examples for Creating a Plan with Tiered pricing has been updated on the API Reference. Request body examples have of the following requests:

  • Create Plan with Transformation Pricing

  • Create Plan with Metered Pricing

  • Create Plan with Trial Period

Refer to the API Reference Plan page to learn more about Transformation, Metered or pricing tiers.