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Payment / Payout Method Types

Rapyd provides hundreds of different payment and payout method types.

Begin exploring and accessing the methods available to your business in the following ways:

See List Payment Methods by Country and List Payout Method Types to use the API to get this information.

Download the Postman collection from Make Your First API Call.

To view payment and payout types with the Rapyd Client Portal dashboard:

  • Go to the Settings tab after you sign in to the Client Portal

  • Click Payment Methods to find payment method types for accepting payments from your customers

  • Click Payout Methods to find payout methods types for disbursing funds

Available Payment Methods

To see the list you are currently approved for, use the Client Portal in PRODUCTION mode.

To see a list of all available payment methods, use the Client Portal in SANDBOX mode.

Client Portal Account Settings Page

Payment Methods and Payout Methods are listed below in sandbox mode.


Need To Add Payment Methods to Your Account?

When you identify the payment methods you want to add to your account, select Request Access in the Client Portal (see Viewing Payment Methods ) or contact Support to have them added.