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Payment Method Type

A type of payment method that a customer can use for making payments.

A payment method type is a type of payment method that any customer can use, for example, ee_mastercard_card, Mastercard for Estonia. When it is added to a customer profile, it becomes a payment method that is specific to that one customer. The name of the payment method type starts with a prefix for the country, the 2-letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code. If the payment method is valid in multiple countries, the prefix is xx_. The payment method type has a suffix with one of the following values:

  • bank - Bank transfer or bank redirect

  • card - Credit card, debit card or other card

  • cash - Cash

  • ewallet - Local eWallet

If the payment method is a card, the sensitive card details can be handled only by a merchant that is PCI compliant or an app that is under the exclusive control of the card holder. A merchant that is not PCI compliant can use the payment method ID ('token') that is generated by a hosted page. To generate a payment method ID, use one of the following methods:


  • List Payment Methods by Country - Provides payment methods available in the specified country. In the sandbox, this method returns all payment method types available on the Rapyd platform. In production, it returns the payment method types that your organization is authorized to use. You might need to use the Client Portal to activate some payment method types.

  • Get Payment Method Required Fields - Determines which fields are required to add a payment method to a customer, subscription, or payment.