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Rapyd Issuing

The Rapyd Issuing platform provides bank cards funded by the Rapyd Wallet.

This section contains the following topics:

  • Issued Card - Using the API, you can ask Rapyd to issue a card that is funded by the Rapyd Wallet. The customer can use the card just like any other bank card. See Issued Card.

  • Card Details - You can display card details to the customer, including an image. See Card Details.

  • Rapyd Authorization - Rapyd provides authorization services for transactions on issued cards, including completed sale, adjustment and reversal. See Rapyd Authorization.

  • Remote Authorization - The client can authorize transactions on a card that was issued to a Rapyd Wallet. See Remote Authorization.

  • Issued Card Transactions - The client can monitor transactions made with issued cards. See Issued Card Transaction.

  • Hosted Card Activation Page - Rapyd can issue a physical card that is funded by the Rapyd Wallet. You can create a hosted page for the customer to activate the card and view the PIN. See Hosted Card Activation Page.

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