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September 2023

Virtual Account Currency, Global Swift, Rapyd Verify

You can now set an optional requested currency for a VA (Virtual Account) issued, and each incoming transaction to the VA will be converted to the set currency. The requested currency can be updated to a different currency or null (default currency). FX rates will apply as described in Payout with FX.

Global SWIFT has been updated to be able to send in NZ (New Zealand) and NZD (New Zealand Dollar).

Bank-level Payout Methods Types (POMTs) with Malaysia as payout the country, (e.g. my_cimb_bank and my_citibank_bank), have been updated with a new aggregated POMT format, my_local_bank. The new POMT has beneficiary required field bic_swift which uses SWIFT code as bank identifier. It is recommended to switch to the new POMT format as soon as possible, which provides a more streamlined payout experience. Aggregated POMTs such as id_local_bank and jp_local_bank are planned for the upcoming releases.

Rapyd Verify

Updated changes have been made to the Rapyd Verify process for an improved user experience. Learn more about Rapyd Verify Hosted Page.