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Rapyd provides the ability to create payments automatically every month or other defined interval. This is called a subscription, and it has the following prerequisites:

  • A customer profile with a payment method. See Customer.

  • One or more products of type service. See Product.

  • One or more plans that describe the charges for services covered by the subscription. See Plan.

In This Section
  • Product - Defines a service for periodic billing.

  • Plan - Defines the pricing structure for a service.

  • Subscription - Defines the periodic billing, as created through the API.

  • Subscription - Hosted Page - Defines a customer-facing page for creating periodic payments.

  • Subscription Item - Defines a line item for a plan, as it appears in the subscription.

  • Usage Record - Indicates the quantity for a subscription item whose plan is based on metered billing.

  • Invoice - Defines the charge made to a customer's payment method for each billing cycle.

  • Invoice Item - Defines a line item for an invoice.