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GrabPay is an ewallet used throughout Southeast Asia.

What Is GrabPay?

GrabPay is one of the top eWallets in Singapore and SE Asia, letting consumers pay online using a GrabPay wallet linked to other payment methods such as credit/debit cards. It was created by rideshare company Grab, and over 100 million people use the Grab app to take advantage of the many services they offer, including Grabpay.

GrabPay users benefit from its cashless payment service to pay for things like online shopping, food deliveries, bills, Grab rides and more with the convenient app. Customers also earn rewards points (GrabRewards) every time they make a payment with GrabPay.

User Experience

Consumers keep their in-app GrabPay balance topped up using their linked credit or debit card, or other payment methods like PayPal. When they want to make a payment online, they get redirected from the merchant’s website to the GrabPay log in page. From there they authenticate the transaction with a password sent to their mobile phone by GrabPay.

  1. Tap the payment tab.

  2. Select pay.

  3. Scan QR code, or present QR code to cashier.

  4. Enter and confirm amount.

  5. Slide to pay.

GrabPay Details

Payment Method Category


Payment Request String

PMT = id_grabpay_ewallet, ph_grabpay_ewallet, sg_grabpay_ewallet, th_grabpay_ewallet, vn_grabpay_ewallet

PMT Name = Grabpay eWallet Payments Indonesia, Grabpay eWallet Payments Philipines, Grabpay eWallet Payments Singapore, Grabpay eWallet Payments Thailand, Grabpay eWallet Payments Vietnam


Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Presentment Currency




Recurring Payments:

Yes ( GrabPay Recurring, sg_grabpayrecurring_ewallet)



Transaction Limits:

Premium Wallet Max: SGD 5000 Basic Wallet Max: SGD 1000

Settlement Timeframe:

Immediate, however it may vary based on network speeds

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