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Interchange Plus Pricing Report

The Interchange Plus Report lists all card network fees and card issuer interchange fees on a transaction level, providing you with the ability to reconcile with the Rapyd issued invoice. The report is generated when card network and interchange fees are applied to transactions processed by Rapyd.

You can download the Interchange Plus Report. See Downloading a Financial Report.

The report is provided in the form of a CSV file. To read it, open it in a spreadsheet.

Current file format version is 1.0

Depending on your activity, the report is generated on a daily basis at 2:00 AM UTC.

Header Format

First record of the CSV file contains the following information:



Report Title

Rapyd Interchange Plus Pricing Report


Report version number


Alias of the merchant


the string "From"

Start date

Period start date


the string "To"

End date

Period end date

The 2nd record of the CSV contains the column titles. Starting the 3rd record, each record contains all details pertaining to either the card network fee and the interchange fee applied to a given transaction. Each transaction is linked to a pair of "Scheme Fees" and "Interchange Fees".

Transaction Settlement Timeframe

Transactions closed within a day (UTC time) will be considered for settlement starting that day (i.e. the system's cutoff time is 12:00AM UTC).



Value Type/Format

Transaction Type

The following types are included in the report:Interchange Fee Card Company Fee


Rapyd Transaction ID

The internal Rapyd transaction ID, used to trace issues when they occur within the Rapyd platform


Rapyd Reference ID

_ For fees charged for payments - the payment token

_ For fees charged for refunds - the refund token

In cases where Split Payments are processed:

Valid for transaction type ‘payment’ only. all split records will contain the same value of the original payment token


Merchant Reference ID

The reference ID provided by the merchant, for merchant-initiated transactions.

Payments and Refunds are initiated by the merchant and may include (optional) a reference ID.


Transaction Method Type

_ payment - the Payment Method Type (PMT)

_ refund - the Payment Method Type (PMT) used to create the original payment



For Payments, Refunds - the country funds were collected from/refunded to

2 character ISO 3166-alpha 2 country code

Presentment Currency

_ payment - the transaction currency as collected for the original payment

_ refund - the transaction currency as returned to the end user

3 character ISO 4217 currency code

Presentment Amount

_ payment - the transaction amount as collected by Rapyd, denominated in Presentment Currency

_ refund - the transaction amount as returned to the end user, denominated in Presentment Currency


Fee Currency

The currency of the interchange and card company fees charged for the transaction

3 character ISO 4217 currency code

Fee Exchange Rate

The exchange rate applied when converting between the Presentment Currency and the Fee Currency


Interchange Fee Amount

The total amount of interchange fees charged by the card issuer for the transaction

The interchange fee amount, denominated in Fee Currency


Card Company Fee Amount

The total amount of the card company fees charged for the transaction by the card scheme, denominated in Fee Currency


Billing Wallet

The wallet the interchange/card company fees are deducted from, in case fees are deducted from the wallet


Invoice ID

The reference to invoice that will be issued to merchant.