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Rapyd Collect

Collect a payment from a customer and deposit it into one or more Rapyd Wallets.


There are different payment mechanisms for different client needs. The following API methods enable those capabilities:

  • Payment - Collect money from a payment method and deposit it into one or more Rapyd Wallets.

  • Checkout Page - Collect money from a customer without handling personal identifying information (PII).

  • Payment Link - Create a reusable hosted payment page for multiple payments.

  • Group Payment - Collect money from multiple customers.

  • Escrow - Hold collected funds temporarily in an escrow.

  • Refund - Refund all or part of a payment.

  • Digital Wallet - Create payments from digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • Dispute - Handle customer disputes.

Customer Profiles

Each customer has one or more payment methods. These can be saved to a customer profile for later use.

  • Customer - Store customer payment methods for future use.

  • Address - Store a customer's address.

  • Payment Method Type - Understand and find payment methods that a customer can use for making payments.

  • Customer Payment Method - Add payment methods to customer profiles.

  • Card Token - Store card payment methods without handling personal identifying information (PII).

Orders and Returns

Customers can order and pay for specific products in the client's inventory. The following API methods provide the means for handling both sides of these transactions:

  • SKU -Define items of physical inventory for orders.

  • Order - Define a single order of goods.

  • Return - Accept a return of an order of goods.

Discounts and Reusable Coupons

You can define coupons in many different ways and connect them to customers, subscriptions and orders. Use the following API methods:

  • Coupon - Define a discount on charges to the customer.

  • Discount - Handle discounts for a specific customer profile or subscription.

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