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Rapyd Wallet

Accept payments, send payouts, and issue cards all from your Rapyd Wallet account. | Enterprise

Rapyd Wallet is designed to be a powerful financial hub for your business. When combined with other Rapyd API calls, Rapyd Wallet makes it possible for you to accept payments, fund payouts, and issue cards all from your Rapyd Wallet account.

  • Send and receive money from other wallets.

  • Send money to bank accounts.

  • Make payments for goods and services.

  • Create an in-country account to accept payments from foreign entities.

  • Store funds collected from outside sources.

  • Manage accounts in multiple currencies.

Rapyd Wallet is similar to a bank account, the difference is that you can easily move money into and out of your account using different currencies and payment methods.

The Rapyd Wallet structure is built around the “client wallet” and the “user wallet”. Using this simple yet robust structure, the use cases are limitless.

For example, if you had an online marketplace you would create a client wallet which would act as your primary business account. For each seller using your marketplace platform, you could create separate user wallets that are visible from your primary account or client wallet. The user wallets can accept and receive payments based on your design requirements. For each sale your sellers completes they can accept the payment from their customer into their user wallet, and based on your requirements, the user wallet could send all or a percentage of that payment to your primary account or client wallet.

The Rapyd Wallet model can apply to many use cases, it can help you easily collect and make payments to your workforce - whether they are full time, part time, or contractors - you can easily push and pull funds into or out of their wallet accounts. And, the best part is, if your team is global they can choose what payment method type or currency that they would like to accept payments in.

Rapyd Wallet can set your business apart and enable you to pay employees, contractors, sellers on your marketplace or accept payments in return. All of the features of Rapyd Disburse and Rapyd Collect can be layered into your wallet, features such as:

  • Send and receive various currencies using FX capabilities across Rapyd Disburse and Collect

  • Collect payments from multiple parties with our split payments feature.

  • Generate subscriptions, or recurring payments, for short and long term services that your business provides.

There are two options for you to start building your first Rapyd Wallet Account:

Dive in and start using the Rapyd Wallet API to build your own custom white-label wallet experience.

The Rapyd Client Portal is a comprehensive account management tool for you to view and manage your entire white-labeled wallet structure. The portal provides you with visibility into all of your wallet accounts, transactions, as well as identity verification, and contacts associated with your wallet accounts. Read more about managing your Wallets using the Client Portal here.