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Creating a Dispute

You can create a dispute for a processed card transaction.

  1. Sign in as described in Accessing the Client Portal and navigate to Issuing > Card Transactions > Issued Card Transactions.

    The Card transactions page appears.


    Note: You can also navigate to Wallets > Transactions > Issued Cards to create a dispute for a card transaction.

  2. Hover over the row that contains the transaction you want to dispute and then click the Create dispute icon.

  3. The Create dispute dialog box appears.

  4. In the Chargeback details section, fill out the following fields:

    • Dispute category - the category that describes the type of dispute

    • Amount - the numerical amount being disputed

    • Description - a textual description of the dispute

    Downloading the Dispute Form

    You can download a PDF copy of the dispute form. Do the following:

    • Click on the Dispute form link in the Create dispute dialog box.

    • The PDF form appears in the Downloads folder of your computer.

  5. Upload a Cardholder letter. The letter summarizes the case and the supporting evidence.

    Note: The cardholder letter must be in PDF format. The cardholder letter does not have to be uploaded right away. The dispute can be saved and the letter file can be uploaded later.

  6. Click Save.