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Deposit Completed Webhook

The Deposit Completed webhook is sent when a deposit to a virtual account is completed by the action of a third party.

In the sandbox, Simulate a Bank Transfer to a Virtual Account simulates the third-party action and triggers this webhook.


  • {
        "id": "",
        "token": "",
        "organization_id": "2d87743e-93c8-11e7-9273-0ef1982c1e4a",
        "data": {
            "bank_account": {
                "bic": "DHBKHKHH",
                "bank": "DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited",
                "address": "G/F, The Center, 99 Queen''s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong",
                "country": "Hong Kong",
                "bank_code": "016",
                "branch_code": "478",
                "country_iso": "HK",
                "account_number": "7981378115932954",
                "beneficiary_name": "John Doe",
                "requested_currency": null
            "ewallet": "ewallet_5c148fcf040282f80907026f6030cce9",
            "amount": 101,
            "currency": "HKD",
            "issued_account_id": "issuing_1a70c234e6ba03fc01af430d9f4151a3",
            "issuing_transaction_id": "isutran_a540bbda57fdfe15c6d78807054e80d6",
            "remitter_information": {
                "name": "DBS TEST CHATS",
                "account_id": "123456789",
                "bank_code": "",
                "remitter_reference": "ICC202209091827"
            "original_amount": 101,
            "original_currency": "HKD",
            "fx_rate": 1
        "trigger_operation_id": "ceb8b0a0-afda-4ed9-928f-af294447c24a",
        "first_attempt_at": 0,
        "last_attempt_at": 0,
        "status": "",
        "created_at": 0,
        "uri": ""