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Sandbox for testing and production for business.

The Payments platform is the core of Rapyd's fintech-as-a-service offering. Rapyd provides the following environments:

  • Production

  • Sandbox


The production platform for payments is a commercial platform that processes actual monetary transactions. Use this environment after testing is complete. Relevant to clients.

The production environment provides only the features and pay methods that are specified in your contract with Rapyd. When you are ready to add more pay methods, use the Client Portal. Note that some pay methods require extra steps.

Base URL:


The sandbox is a simulator that approximates the behavior of the production environment. Use this environment for all testing and demonstrations. Data produced in a sandbox can be used only in that specific sandbox.

Base URL:


There are limitations to the ability of the sandbox simulator to mimic the behavior of the production environment. For example, a card issuer might have a limit on the number of times a card can be used in any one 24-hour period. A card transaction that violates that limit might succeed in the sandbox but fail in the real world.

Similarly, if there are problems with the API request, there might be differences between the error codes in the sandbox and the error codes for various actual pay methods.