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Developer Resources

Rapyd provides the following resources to help developers test and implement their applications.

General Information

  • Information Security - Rapyd handles and maintains sensitive information in accordance with the most stringent PCI standards.

  • Localization Methods - An API call that returns a list of the languages supported for customer-facing interfaces.

  • Metadata - Contains custom data defined by the client, in the format of a JSON object.

System Architecture

  • Error Messages - When the requested operation cannot be completed, Rapyd returns an error message.

  • Webhooks - Callback messages from Rapyd to the client, triggered by internal or external events.

Integration Tools

  • Authentication - Messages between the client and Rapyd are authenticated with the values of specific header parameters.

  • Code Samples - Understanding code samples in Rapyd documentation.

  • Environments - Production and sandbox environments and their base URLs.

  • Testing for Payment API - Methods for simulating errors, disputes and 3DS authentication.

  • Testing for Payout API - Account numbers for testing. Simulating quarantine under review.

  • Sandbox Funds - Topping up the wallet and removing funds.

  • Sample Image - Useful for API methods that require an image.

  • Resource Methods - API queries for languages, countries, currencies, FX rates, and locations.