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Listing Subscription Invoices

You can view details of a specific subscription invoice. beta

This feature is in closed beta. You can contact the Rapyd Support team if you wish to join the closed beta program.

You can view a list of all subscription invoices in Client Portal.

Every subscription has an invoice attached to it, and all payments are created for each invoice. You can use the subscription invoices tab to manage all subscription payments and unpaid subscription invoices.

  1. Sign in as described in Accessing the Client Portal and navigate to Collect > Subscriptions > Invoices.

    The Subscription Invoices page appears.

  2. Modify the display by doing the following:

    • To add or remove columns, tap the Choose Columns icon at the top right. The icon has three vertical bars. On the Choose Columns panel, select the columns you want to appear on screen and tap Apply.

    • To change the column width, hover over the vertical lines that divide the column headers. Your cursor will change to a double sided arrow. Click the line and drag to adjust column width.

    • To sort the list, hover over a column header. If the cursor turns into a pointing finger, tap the header. An arrow indicates the sort direction. To change the direction, tap the header again.

  3. Other things you can do:

    • To filter the list, tap the Search field at the top. Suggested filters appear. Select a filter and type a value, or type a free text string. Then tap the magnifying glass icon.

    • To clear a filter, delete the text in the Search field and tap the magnifying glass icon.

    • To apply an advanced filter, tap the Filter icon at the top right. In the Filter window, select a field and a condition, and enter a value. To define an additional filter, tap + Add Filter and fill in the field, condition, and value. Then tap Apply.

    • To clear an advanced filter, close the filter description.

    • To clear all advanced filters, tap Clear All.

    • To view additional columns, move the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the page.

    • To scroll through the lines of the table, move the vertical scroll bar at the right side of the page.

The following table describes the fields in the Subscription Invoices page:



Created At

Date and time that the subscription invoice was created.


Indicates the status of the subscription invoice. One of the following:

  • Open - The subscription is currently active, but unpaid.

  • Draft - The initial status of the subscription.

  • Paid - The subscription is currently paid.


How the subscription was billed.

Paid At

Date and time that the subscription was paid.

Customer ID

The ID of the customer.

Customer Name

Name of the customer.


Email address of the customer.

Phone Number

Phone number of the customer.

Invoice ID

The ID of the subscription invoice.

Subscription ID

The ID of the subscription.

Attempted payments

Number of times a payment submission was tried.


Indicates if the subscription was refunded, listed as a boolean value.

Refunded Amount

The amount of the subscription refunded, in units of the currency defined in Currency.

Next Payment Attempt

The date and time when the customer will next pay.

Due Date

The date and time that the subscription was due.


The amount paid for the subscription, in units of the currency defined in Currency.


The name of the subscription pricing plan.