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Monthly Flat Fee

The Rapyd Business Account will begin charging a monthly fee of $99/month after your account has been approved.

This charge will be deducted from your RBA Balance. You will be charged for each month on the 10th of the month. If there are no funds in your account, then a negative balance will begin to accrue each month.

Note: See Activating Your Rapyd Business Account for more information about account activation.

The charge for the monthly flat fee is deducted from your available currency balance. The flat fee currency defined in your account will be deducted first. If you do not have a sufficient balance to cover the charge, the full fee amount will be deducted from your balance in other available currencies.

If there is not a sufficient balance in any available currency for your account, the flat fee will be deducted from the defined flat fee currency. Your account will accrue a negative balance. You will receive an email notification from Client Portal after the first failed billing attempt and negative balance.

After two consecutive months of a negative account balance, your account capabilities will be restricted. You will only be able to add funds to your client wallet. You will receive a second email notification from the Client Portal after your account is restricted.

If funds are not added to the client wallet before the next payment deduction, your account will be subject to suspension and automatically set for offboarding.

Final Account Closure

Each month Rapyd will check to see if funds have been added to your account to cover the negative balance. This will occur after two consecutive months of a negative account balance. If funds have been added, the count toward account closure will be reset.

If the account balance is still negative after 4 additional months, your Rapyd Business Account will be automatically deactivated. You will receive a third email from Client Portal before your account is deactivated. This will happen after having a negative balance for 6 months in total. You will then receive a fourth email notification from Client Portal informing you of the account deactivation.