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Rapyd Checkout Overview

Available as a Hosted or Toolkit integration – Rapyd Checkout provides the quickest way to accept hundreds of payment methods from a website or mobile application.

Launch the checkout demo below to run test transactions and understand workflow.

Explore Checkout

  • Mobile Ready - Responsive design for mobile devices.

  • Global - Supports 900+ payment methods, 65+ currencies in 100+ countries.

  • Customization - Easily add your logos, colors, website URLs, customer support details, default language, payment methods, and more.

  • Lower Risk - Built-in fraud protection with Rapyd Protect, 3D Secure and simplified PCI compliance.

  • Multi-lingual - Supports: English, Spanish, Dutch, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Tagalog and more as described in Hosted Page Language Support.

  • Streamlined Customer Experience - Save card details for future transactions, validations with user friendly error messaging, decline recovery with contact support options, filter the page based on specific payment methods.



API Integration

Generate page from Client Portal

Minimal Developer Efforts Required for Integration

Additional Developer Efforts Required for Integration

Customizable Page (add a logo, change the main button’s color, website URLs, customer support details).

White-label Solution (extensive customization options, using css styling).

Users stay on your webpage

Users are redirected to a secure Rapyd hosted page

Get all the Rapyd Collect capabilities in a simple, quick integration.

The secure prebuilt Hosted Checkout Page is PCI-DSS certified and allows you to customize your page to suit your brand guidelines.

Hosted Checkout Page Integration Steps

Checkout Toolkit is a customized solution that allows you to embed Rapyd’s hosted payment solution within your website page.

Checkout Toolkit Integration Steps

Enjoy all the benefits of Rapyd’s Hosted Checkout Page while providing a hassle-free, seamless checkout experience for your customers.

You can also use the Toolkit to customize the various elements in your payment page to match the look and feel of your website.

Github Code Sample