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Rapyd Disburse

Pay contractors, workers, suppliers, or any business anywhere in the world. | Enterprise

Rapyd Disburse is a global payout platform that enables reach into 100+ countries while incorporating a broad set of payout methods such as bank transfers, eWallets, cards, and cash.

Rapyd Disburse also supports both high velocity and high volume transaction types and a variety of payer and beneficiary use cases such as one-to-one and mass-payouts in B2B, B2C, and P2P scenarios.

The platform is available through an API integration as well as Client Portal. Built into the platform are fraud controls, all the necessary compliance framework, and the ability to handle FX.

Popular Use Cases
  • Digital Goods and Marketplaces

  • Payout employees/gig economy workers' salaries.

  • Payout to suppliers (B2B)

Payouts vs. Transfers

Rapyd payouts or disbursements will always mean moving money from a Client Wallet or User Wallet to another 3rd party payment method type. A transfer will always mean moving money between Rapyd Wallet accounts. Looking for info on transfers? Visit Rapyd Wallets.

Disburse Overview