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Viewing Listed Transactions for Provisioned Cards

You can view a list of all transactions for cards that were provisioned for digital wallets. Provisioning refers to the process where an issued card is added to a digital wallet and tokenized. You can use Rapyd to provision cards for Apple Pay and Google Pay digital wallets.

  1. Sign in as described in Signing into the Client Portal and navigate to Issuing > Card transactions.

    The Card transactions page appears.

  2. Search by Contact Reference ID to find the card transactions associated with the provisioned card.

  3. Select Contact Reference ID from the drop down next to the search bar.

  4. Enter the Contact Reference ID in the search bar.

  5. The transactions for the provisioned card appear.

  6. You can view the Digital wallet token and Digital wallet type for the card transactions.

  7. For more information about adding Columns and filtering the search, see Listing Issued Card Transactions.

Description of Fields



Transaction ID

Rapyd identifier of the transaction.


The amount intended for the transaction recipient.

Authorization Number

Reference number for the transaction authorization.


Currency for the amount received by the transaction recipient.

Created At

Time of creation of the transaction.

Contact Name

Name of the wallet contact that the card is assigned to.

Contact Reference ID

A unique identifier of the contact.

Contact Phone Number

Phone number of the wallet contact that the card is assigned to.


Direction of the transaction in relation to the card. One of the following:

  • In - Funds are added to the card.

  • Out - Funds are withdrawn from the card.

Last 4 Digits

The last four digits of the card.

POS Name & Location

Name and location of the transaction.


Status of the transaction. One of the following:

  • Canceled

  • Closed

Wallet ID

ID of the wallet that the card is related to.

Digital Wallet Token

The identifier for the provisioned card token.

Digital Wallet Type

The type of digital wallet for the provisioned card. Possible values are:

  • Google Pay Wallet

  • Apple Pay Wallet