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Wallet Balance Types

Describes the different types of balances in currency accounts within the Rapyd Wallet.

The funds in each currency account in the wallet are divided into the following types of balances:

  • Available Balance - Funds available to be transferred out. In responses and webhooks, the available balance appears in the balance field.

  • On-Hold Balance

    • Funds moved from available balance by the client and temporarily blocked.

    • Funds temporarily blocked by Rapyd because of an authorization transaction on a card that was issued to the wallet.

  • Received Balance - Funds in escrow and funds from completed payments that are not yet mature.

  • Reserve Balance - Funds in the account that are blocked for the client but available to Rapyd Operations for unpaid fees and other purposes. Use the Client Portal to set the amount.


  • To move funds between available balance and on-hold balance, use Put Funds on Hold and Release On-Hold Funds.

  • In the sandbox, all transactions go to Available Balance and not Received Balance.