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Release On-Hold Funds

Release a hold on funds in the wallet. Sandbox only.

This action transfers funds from the on-hold balance to the available balance. If the wallet does not have enough funds in the on-hold balance in the specified currency, the transfer fails.

This method triggers the Transfer Funds Between Balances webhook. This webhook contains the same information as the response.

This method is relevant for person and company wallets.

    • amount

    • Amount of the transfer. Decimal.

    • currency

    • Three-letter ISO 4217 code for the currency used in the amount field.

    • ewallet

    • ID of the wallet associated with the contact. String starting with ewallet_.

  • /v1/account/balance/release

  • Release On-Hold Funds

  • curl -X post
    -H 'access_key: your-access-key-here'
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
    -H 'idempotency: your-idempotency-parameter-here'
    -H 'salt: your-random-string-here'
    -H 'signature: your-calculated-signature-here'
    -H 'timestamp: your-unix-timestamp-here'
    -d '{
      "ewallet": "ewallet_4f8009d08b7b41e5d3b356494101d83b",
      "amount": 10,
      "currency": "USD"
  • {
        "status": {
            "error_code": "",
            "status": "SUCCESS",
            "message": "",
            "response_code": "",
            "operation_id": "a1d43ad7-705d-4706-b080-91c82518786a"
        "data": {
            "id": "340e28e3-c74d-4fc2-8a35-ca75210be715",
            "source_transaction_id": "2a034d46-f1c4-4d88-862a-196bfb80a5d8",
            "destination_transaction_id": "baa78bf4-d071-47c1-bbeb-b8552820e91b",
            "source_user_profile_id": "4b791777-4c06-11ea-833c-02e199f7f6f5",
            "destination_user_profile_id": "4b791777-4c06-11ea-833c-02e199f7f6f5",
            "source_account_id": "f8a849ea-4c0a-11ea-833c-02e199f7f6f5",
            "destination_account_id": "f8a849ea-4c0a-11ea-833c-02e199f7f6f5",
            "source_balance_type": "on_hold_balance",
            "destination_balance_type": "available_balance",
            "currency_code": "USD",
            "amount": 10