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Wallet Features

Powerful account features to manage cash flow. | Enterprise

The Rapyd Wallet features are designed to help you track and manage your cash flow. Get a complete view into all of your balances, move funds between wallets, and use foreign exchange to accept and send funds in any currency. Plus, every important transaction detail is accessible using Rapyd’s robust ledger.

With multiple balance types, Rapyd Wallet provides visibility into all of your funds so you can manage your cash flow more effectively.

There are three balance types:

  • Available balance - available funds for immediate use.

  • Received balance - total amount that has been collected but has not yet settled.

  • Reserve account - required balance to cover chargebacks, returns, and other items.

Transfer funds in real-time, Instantly credit and debit any user wallet account from your client wallet account. This is a great feature for collecting fees from customer or seller user wallet accounts, or transferring money to a vendor.

Rapyd’s ledger tracks all transaction data, giving you complete visibility into your cash inflow and outflow.