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Create Identity Verification Page

Create a hosted page for verifying the identity of a personal contact for a Rapyd Wallet.

The customer completes the process by accessing the URL returned in the response.

After the customer submits the identity verification request on the hosted page, Rapyd verifies the information and sends you a webhook with a summary of the identity check. See:


  • /v1/hosted/idv

  • Create Identity Verification Page

  • curl -X post
    -H 'access_key: your-access-key-here'
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
    -H 'idempotency: your-idempotency-parameter-here'
    -H 'salt: your-random-string-here'
    -H 'signature: your-calculated-signature-here'
    -H 'timestamp: your-unix-timestamp-here'
    -d '{
        "cancel_url": "",
        "complete_url": "",
        "contact": "cont_c34bd6bfd9575f6f7b06647999a93126",
        "ewallet": "ewallet_755b0fd11fd22b33328fff7d30f3ce30",
        "page_expiration": 1699273781,
        "force_camera": true,
        "country": "GB",
        "reference_id": "09_08_2023_90f"
  • {
        "status": {
            "error_code": "",
            "status": "SUCCESS",
            "message": "",
            "response_code": "",
            "operation_id": "e9d1dfc4-fe8e-464a-9fc0-70d71e34dbcd"
        "data": {
            "status": "NEW",
            "cancel_url": "",
            "complete_url": "",
            "merchant_color": "323fff",
            "merchant_logo": null,
            "merchant_website": "",
            "merchant_customer_support": {
                "url": "",
                "email": "",
                "phone_number": "121255551213"
            "merchant_alias": "Doc Team",
            "merchant_terms": "",
            "merchant_privacy_policy": "",
            "page_expiration": 1699273781,
            "redirect_url": "",
            "id": "hp_idv_a4f842e2ef37c17f5a8462edd2a92077",
            "reference_id": "09_08_2023_90f",
            "wallet": "ewallet_755b0fd11fd22b33328fff7d30f3ce30",
            "contact": "cont_c34bd6bfd9575f6f7b06647999a93126",
            "country": "GB",
            "request_type": "verify",
            "force_camera": true,
            "document_type": null,
            "language": "en"