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Downloading a Payout Report

You can download a report of payouts disbursed in a defined time period. The report is in CSV format.

This procedure requires Owner, Administrator, or Editor privileges.

  1. Sign in as described in Accessing the Client Portal and navigate to Disburse > Payouts.

    The Payouts page appears.

  2. Modify the display as required. For more information, see Listing Payouts.

  3. Tap the Export icon at the top right corner of the page.

    The Export data dialog box appears.

  4. Select a day or range of dates.

  5. Select one of the following:

    • All Columns - Exports all of the data columns.

    • Visible Columns - Exports only the data columns that are currently displayed.

  6. Tap Export.

    • If 1-99 records were displayed when you opened the Export data dialog box:

      • The file is downloaded immediately to the Downloads folder on your local computer.

    • If 100 or more records were displayed when you opened the Export data dialog box:

      • A pop-up message confirms that your report is being processed. When your report is ready, Rapyd sends you a notification by email.

        • In the email message, tap Get File. The file is downloaded to the Downloads folder on your local computer.

Sample Report

Payout ID,Created at,Payout Type,Amount,Currency,Status,Sender Full Name,Beneficiary Full Name,Completed At,Payout Method Type,Merchant Reference ID,Sender Entity Type,Sender Currency,Sender Country,Sender ID,Beneficiary ID,Beneficiary Country,Beneficiary Entity Type 

payout_54ed75669333b92d85c3d5b728d57641,12 December 2019 15:11 UTC,bank,450.00,INR,Completed,CASHDASH UK LIMITED,Jane Doe,13 December 2019 14:18 UTC,in_orientalbankofcommerce_bank,N/A,Company,INR,IN,sender_c65d68ed8e2355a320a164a8fab40089,beneficiary_55a93c3111b5d027fc3dc558351e4283,IN,Individual 

payout_22f608d5004e2bb7143c8751fa4f3923,12 December 2019 15:11 UTC,bank,455.00,INR,Completed,CASHDASH UK LIMITED,John Doe,13 December 2019 14:18 UTC,in_statebankofindia_bank,N/A,Company,INR,IN,sender_248d2e324bb3c2825bc14eafd40b8d14,beneficiary_d16342f571604629bc2b3aef76844ec9,IN,Individual

Line 1 contains a list of headers. Each header is a column heading in the Payouts page. For a description of the headers, see Listing Payouts.

All subsequent lines contain the disbursement transactions, one payout record per line.