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Create Hosted Page for PIN Management

Create a hosted page for viewing and resetting a PIN.

In the sandbox, you can set any number other than 1111.

Rapyd sends you Issued Card PIN Set Webhook when the customer sets a PIN.


  • PINs are relevant to physical cards.

  • Some card programs do not support resetting the PIN. Holders of those cards must reset the PIN at an ATM.


    • cancel_url

    • URL where the customer is redirected after pressing Back to website.

    • card

    • ID of the card. String starting with card_.

    • complete_url

    • URL where the customer is redirected after completing the hosted page.

    • ewallet_contact

    • ID of the wallet contact that the card is assigned to. Must have a valid phone number. String starting with cont_.

    • language

    • Determines the default language of the hosted page.

    • page_expiration

    • End of the time when the customer can use the hosted page, in Unix time.

      7 days after creation

    • skip_view_pin

    • When true, the customer cannot view the PIN via a hosted page.


  • /v1/hosted/issuing/pin

  • Create Hosted Page for PIN Management

  • curl -X post
    -H 'access_key: your-access-key-here'
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
    -H 'idempotency: your-idempotency-parameter-here'
    -H 'salt: your-random-string-here'
    -H 'signature: your-calculated-signature-here'
    -H 'timestamp: your-unix-timestamp-here'
    -d '{
        "card": "card_1958bbc97e00686b8bda42ce33d3101e",
        "ewallet_contact": "cont_0a73f7d860c7bbd1b8891b322151337b"   
  • {
       "status": {
           "error_code": "",
           "status": "SUCCESS",
           "message": "",
           "response_code": "",
           "operation_id": "ce496f7a-930c-4641-8720-9bd7db03cdc4"
       "data": {
           "status": "NEW",
           "cancel_url": " ",
           "complete_url": " ",
           "language": "",
           "merchant_color": "323fff",
           "merchant_logo": "",
           "merchant_website": " ",
           "merchant_customer_support": {
               "url": "",
               "email": "",
               "phone_number": "555-555-5555"
           "merchant_alias": "Rapyd",
           "merchant_terms": "",
           "merchant_privacy_policy": "",
           "page_expiration": 1647356349,
           "Redirect_url": " ",
           "region": null,
           "geo_country": null,
           "id": "hp_issuing_pin_c3ccba5c587e3b819fc297c602b9af58",
           "ewallet_contact": "cont_0a73f7d860c7bbd1b8891b322151337b",
           "card_token": "card_1958bbc97e00686b8bda42ce33d3101e",
           "card_issuing": "ci_0f35efd0d036c91570c87b4ff53a714e",
           "skip_view_pin": false