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Customizing Hosted Pages with Apple Pay

This procedure describes how to initialize a full integration with Apple Pay for your customized ecommerce website that has its own checkout pages.

This is a prerequisite for creating Apple Pay payments via your checkout pages.


See Activating Apple Pay for instructions on integrating Apple Pay to any of the following Rapyd solutions:

  • Rapyd Hosted Checkout pages.

  • Rapyd toolkit.

  • Rapyd plugins.


Do the following:

  1. Complete the Rapyd onboarding process. See Activating Your Account (KYB).

  2. Check the relevant country's payment methods that support Apple Pay as a digital wallet provider via the List Payment Methods by Country request. For more information on Apple Pay support for a specific payment method, contact Rapyd Client Support.

  3. Activate Apple Pay in the Client Portal. See Activating Apple Pay.

  4. Verify your domain, and add the file that contains the key and certificate for merchant validation. See Activating Apple Pay.

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