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Funding Your Client Wallet

Store your funds to empower your business. | Enterprise

Rapyd offers a multi-currency Client Wallet that helps your business fund payouts using the required currencies. Rapyd Disburse is built on a “Good Funds” model, which means your organization must have funds available in the Rapyd Client Wallet prior to a Disbursement.

The Rapyd Client Wallet has the following features:

  • Storing funds collected from outside sources.

  • Managing accounts in multiple currencies.

  • Converting currency.

  • Sending money to and receiving money from other wallets.

  • Sending money to bank accounts.

  • Making payments for goods and services.

Learn more about Rapyd Wallet Features.

Steps to Create a Client Wallet for Rapyd Disburse:
  1. Contact Rapyd Customer Support. The Rapyd compliance team will need to review and approve your bank account before funds can be sent to your Rapyd Client Wallet.

  2. Fund Your Client Wallet via the Client Portal. See Funding Your Account via Client Portal.